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  1. In addition to the changes, corrections and modifications that I earlier asked you to make, please add the following actions towards improvement of the quality of this starting video:
    1. After the sentence, “It is the stars. delete from “You know, eh (around 05.42 and let it resume from (around 5.50) “The position of the stars when we were born
    2. Delete the word, “that” in the phrase “Read that” (at around 06.05)
    3. After the sentence, “It’s just like a car, delete after the word “car” (9.36) delete and let it resume from around 9.22/23 “But Management, like everything else, you’ve got to have the tools for management……(around 10.8 delete from “The car” up to “It is all about management…..(at around10.15
    4. After “It is all about management” (around 25.24) delete and let it resume from around 25.25 with “We manage….”
    5. In the sentence, (starting from 26.30) “We are going to learn about how to manage this”, delete the word “this”.
    6. At 33.00, delete from “Many people have taken your power away and let it resume with “You are going to give yourself permission.
    7. At 38.53 delete, “We are fearful of government”.

    1. Good morning Mike, I hope you had a good rest.
      The newly edited video “The introduction” has replaced the old one and is now available.
      All the edits that you asked me for has been done.
      1.The stutter at 5:50 has been removed.
      2.The word “that” has been removed in the sentence “Read that” 6:05
      3. a section has been removed between 9:36 to 10:15 (“just like a car” to “management”)
      4. The ringing noise at 25:24 has been removed.
      5. The word “this” has been removed from “learn to manage this” 26:30
      6. Deleted section of asking government for permission 33:00
      7. “we are fearful of government” has been delete 38:53
      8. all references or mentions of government has been removed.
      It’s all done. Have a look at it to see if it is perfect and ready for your viewers.

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