1 thought on “What is the source of your misery”

  1. In the video, “What causes you misery”,

    At 11.36 up to 18.10 starting with, “As you can see in the picture above here….” please place that picture (with all the organs of the body, which you will find on the PowerPoint) on the left hand side viewed from your perspective.. I shall try to email the picture to you

    At 18.10 delete “Take 5 and continue from 18.22 “The are things

    From 34.08 please take note of “There’s a form below ” and then make it possible for the viewer to click in order to access the form for him or her to fill it in according to the 3 scenarios (Home, School/work, and life in general., so they can fill it in and forward it to me via the website.

    This video should be followed by the video, the following day, that deals with the PRINCIPLES THAT GOVERN LIFE. Can you find it?

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